Process Of Decadence

by Iconoclast



Recorded at Powerhouz Studio

Mastered by Marcelo Power.

Process Of Decadence Line Up:
Pablo Escobar: Vocals/Guitars.
Javier Bravo: Guitars.
Andrés Barra: Bass.
Juan Pablo Fernàndez: Drums.


released October 7, 2016

Music: P. Escobar. J. Bravo, A. Barra, J. Fernández.
Lyrics: P. Escobar.
Concept: P. Escobar.
Artwork: José Canales.
Logo: Marcelo Hurtado



all rights reserved


Iconoclast Santiago, Chile

Formed in 2010 by Pablo, Fabián, Victor and Juan Pablo, Iconoclast recorded and released Naqoyqatsi. After that, the band went through line-up changes, and Javier and Andrés joined the band permanently. Since 2015 Iconoclast started to work on "Process Of Decadence", their first album, which will be released on October 7th. ... more

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Track Name: Spectacle Of Manipulation
Spectacle Of Manipulation

In arrogance, driven by greed, a divine right to have control
And those who are opposed are therefore against the will of god
Traitors! They will be called and put into a trance of pain
Resentment, their preference, obsession against life itself

Control, the rotten womb
That gave birth to this cruelty
A spectacle, offered to the ones
Who in desperation blindly obey

Submission is their vow
A complete denigration of life
Insulting the very purpose of the mind
As they pray and serve with pride

So the blind ones are hypnotized
They are gathered in their own ignorance
This is the false principle of faith
From the truth of their lives they were misled

Their sacred revelations
A corrupt interpretation of a lie
Indignant and pessimists
Unstable, insane fanatic minds!

A miserable doctrine, a feeble self-complacency
A blindfolding illusion, indispensable frailty
An afflicted spirit was crucified to its fear
Thus they undergo a tortured life with a lustful feel

And the shepherds vividly observe
The sadism and the violence that is constrained
The truth you dread of life will not be cleansed by these cruel deeds
When in suffering, even your gods can bleed!
Track Name: Scabrous Torture
Scabrous torture

The hands of the weak-minded are gruesomely blood-stained
As those who have denied of god in torture had been slain
Viciously imposing faith, forcing them to kneel and pray
If not they become abused victim of an unbearable pain

Bathe all prescribed evil
In fountains of blood
Unspeakable affliction
Tormenting their souls

Staring at the torture, they lacerate themselves
Mistreatment of the body, the virtue of disgrace
Pain mutilates the flesh, the body against the floor
Corruption and humiliation by the violent law of god

As you desperately pray
While brutally denailed
Burning spikes pierce your flesh,
You plead and strive for death
A lurid tortured victim
You lie onto your blood
Among deaf screams you wonder
Where is their god?

They thrive on your wounds, they envy your pain
Through torture they will rectify
By their hands, a foretaste of death
Suffering - The enlightening disease

Despise for life, a lust for death
The hangmen abuse the condemned
The revelations they adore
Were all written in blood

Under their hands, a victim you are
You suffer as much as they want
Their carnal lust, their need of grief
Unsatisfied morbidity

A sordid lust, repulsive need
In pain they submit their fear
Through morals and they ways of old
They become your righteous god

Corrupting the suffering under their divine lies
Experiencing the darkest corners of perverted minds
They stare at your agony with cold, indifferent eyes
The remains of the torture, a corpse covered with flies

Severe molestation
Sickening submission
An intrinsic degradation
Sorrow is twisted into pleasure

A humiliated naked god
Crucified on the cross
Their sanctified cloth is covered
With the slaughtered victims' blood

When all is dirty, the clean is like a stain!
Track Name: Inherent Weakness
Inherent Weakness

Perverted way of life induced by your own frailty
Hidden, afraid to awake into an abrupt reality
Raised in fear, your life was put through pain and discomfort
Followers who kneel in front of a mourning illusion

Victim of the highest strains
In your skin, the scars of your soul
Sitting in the corner of an empty world
Staring at the nothingness of a great void

How paltry has been your own amount of consciousness?
The hope you were offered have had this repressive effect
To a vain god you sacrificed your pride and nature
And the concealed lies have turned into your own complexion

Feeble minds considering darkness as their light
But all that you embrace is what in reality you shall despise

Identical and permanent
A perennial existence in distress
A hollow belief has fallen from grace

The suffering that has been inflicted on your life
Is meant to never heal, not even with the pass of time
Your idols do not shine if they are not provided light
Your reasons and beliefs are nothing but a worthless lie!

Submerged in lifeless agony, enduring an oppressive wound
Hanging from the rope of hope upon an catastrophic doom
You will never live too long to see how your life has been misled
How could they invent this lie, believe it and convince themselves?
Track Name: Suicide

Hysteria, exalting utter state of dread
Long for death in complete despair
Cast your shadow, hit your body against the floor
In anonymity, spill your blood

Unworthy of life - you are just one more into a contempt mass

Expect to find in death the solace of your life
Unassailable desire to die
Take the knife - violently pierce your skin
Pathetically, slit your wrists

Self-inflicted wounds that testify your pain and desolation

What change will death bring to us?
Will time and existence be suspended?
Underlying victim of your sacrifice
Realize we are not condemned to death but life

Traumatizing solution, a foretaste of death is revealed
Deprived in total emptiness, trapped within your misery
As you despise the gift of life, terrified you strive to die
The burden you have left behind, will haunt you throughout space and time

A nightmare of perversions submerged in fear
So your contagious suffering will not conceal
The traces of the scars you wear will never heal
Prepare to dwell into the shadows of a silent realm
Track Name: Praise Of The Absurd
Praise Of The Absurd

The false ones exhort the vapid mass
To gather and praise what they called divine
An absolute expression of decadence
Driven by their own inner emptiness

A death's revelation has been spread
The weak ones have embraced it in a pain intense
Because they were given something to believe in
And now they need it - their spirits are enslaved

An indecent world has now been presented
The twisted testimony of what they have manipulated
A reality imposed by a depraved observer
To follow those who kneel so as to serve and suffer

Crawling before a false man-like idol, which explanation is not even shallow
A place in which questions have been forbidden
What have we done to deserve our world to be departed from the sun?
As at the throne of filth these idolaters kneel

Commendation gathered in their temples
Sacred constructions that celebrate death
The death of the ones who were conceived in blood
But as blood built them, blood shall bring them down

An absurd essential to those empty minds
Towards a life of pain, they all strive
Crawling in the dark in the kingdom of the blind
What else is left to be sacrificed?

There is no salvation
For there is nothing from which we must be saved
Submission as a fateful cult
A cult that on your knees you shall praise...
Track Name: Ulterior Reason
Ulterior Reason

Men have always tried to construct
Upon the same old and deserted stone
But their illusions always crumble
As their vanity starts to collapse

A repulsive will that want to spread
Suffering on those who believe
Proudly announcing the arrival of an idol
The lie we must never forget

A Revelation
In chaotic silence
A penetrating vision
Within an assiduous obstinacy

As they exist in bitterness, they face a spiteful reject
Do they feel despair? Can they feel the pain?
But now that they are lost in an abrupt reality
They embrace the impossible, based on worthless falsity

I risk myself in a path that has never been walked
Evoking the unexplainable in a journey through the dark
Conscious that every secret was deprived of our lives
I am destined to emerge with a sun that will never rise!

I have withstood this bestowed destiny
And I always will as it is my need
Even if I had to testify it
With my own tears...
Track Name: The Great Desdain
The Great Disdain

I have lived long enough to foresee
The catastrophic nature of this fallacy
A king with a crown of thorns
Wounded, hanging from a cross
But from the martyrs' ashes
A new doctrine will be born

By power and submission your spirit was conceived
Under a deadly affliction you have been forced to live
But your morals and false virtues
Are the legacy of old
To knowledge and independence
You were always opposed

Cursed be the day that man created religions and their gods
Glorify this day! For every god, a grave shall be dug!

Have you ever realized how little we are in comparison with time?
But you follow the blind into nothingness
As lies are the obsessions of the automata
Tragic servant, lost in a labyrinth
Self-created by a despicable need
But if you want to find peace in this world
Your spirit must be prepared for war!
Track Name: A Doctrine Despised
A Doctrine Despised

Is our reason denied? The doubt remains in few
But the hypocrites deceive them with false truths
With an absolute - fanatical belief
Force them to kneel before a superior being
A pathological insanity
Which gave birth to the greatest falsity
So they spread their epidemic 'divine' lies
Decrepit teachings we have to despise

A life of immorality that they redeem if you repent
But who repents of 'sinning' is not an innocent

They have imposed the 'god' you adore
And you became a slave of necessity
But you only praise the inventions of some men
Lost in a twisted state of vanity

The apocryphal stories are only believed by the self-blinded ones
But your grievance is growing - Time of penance has come

And never pronounce their names again -
In utter solitude our spirits shall be reigned!

The insidious gods abandoned you
If they somehow ever did exist
Fictitious morals and deceitful words
They shall be burnt so as to leave no trace
But I am real! I do exist
Despite the ones you adore fanatically
Your cult will be transgressed, restrained and suppressed
I am the oppressor, the ruthless antagonist

Now fear - despise me
My visions are beyond it all
Despair before me,
There are no gods!